Rio, We Are Ready For You!

Have you seen the new GB kit for the Olympics yet? Well, it is very symbolic and super stylish being designed by Stella McCartney.

This is the time when sport and fashion come together in a beautiful alliance to create a life-lasting memory of the Olympics 2016 and we are very excited to add another designer piece to our fitness wardrobe.

The new coat of arms reflects the main British symbols: three lions hold three fiery Olympic batons; our nations’ flowers (leek, rose, flax, thistle) appear in the centre; and a crown composed of medals sits up top (“symbolising continuity, teamwork and shared responsibility”). At the bottom, Latin script reads: “Conjoined in one”.

The coat of arms was Stella McCartney’s idea which she had to fight for: “I had to go through so many governing bodies, BOA, BPA, to get approval – and I’m not used to that. It’s a bit like being back in school. But I wanted to gift the nation.”

Well, we believe the fight was worth it. The collection looks very fresh and traditional, reflection the pride for the history and the nation.

Whilst Stella is not entirely sure about going to Rio, our tickets are already booked. See you soon Rio!


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